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#GTK Give Time 2.png

We encourage our community to volunteer with our non-profits. We expose our community to the non-profits affiliated with GTK and provide ways in which individuals can serve. Our goal is to increase our volunteer resources by at least 10%.

#GTK Give Kindness 2.png

We encourage our community to demonstrate their generosity through acts of kindness on this and all other days. We provide a list of recommended ways in which anyone can demonstrate the spirit of kindness during this season.

#GTK Give Your Voice 2.png

We encourage our community to advocate for the causes of the non-profits affiliated with GTK. We not only want to bring awareness of the causes to our community, but we also want our community to join us in making a difference through sharing our platforms and causes within their areas.

#GTK Give Talent 2.png

We encourage our community to use their gifts to support the

non-profits. We recognize that our community is filled with individuals who have special gifts and talents. We provide a list of needed resources from our non-profits and ask our community to utilize their networks and skills to meet those needs.

#GTK Give Dollars 2.png

We encourage our community to financially support the efforts of the non-profits. Our goal is to make resources more readily available for those we serve. Although we have our standard fundraising endeavors, we set aside this time to fervently seek new support for our missions.

#GTK Give Goods 2.png

We encourage our community to partner with one of our non-profits to host a donation drive. We provide our community with a list of non-profits’ needs to create an opportunity for individuals or businesses to collect those needs on our behalf.

#GTK Give Inspiration 2.png

We encourage our community to unite and work together to make a difference where we live. We will come to celebrate in our efforts and share our experiences during our annual GTK event.

#GTK Test.png

We encourage our community to share why they give. We believe that sharing our story will inspire others to participate. We ask our givers to post an “Unselfie” on their social media page explaining why they give. We will provide individuals an opportunity to create their “Unselfie” picture at our annual GTK event. 

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